Acid Brick Cleaning

Looking for acid brick cleaning services in Australia? Approach us at World Wide Services to get the best services in the region. We, at World Wide Services, have the expertise, experience and the equipment to execute the job with efficiency and professionalism.

How we Get the Job Done

The process we follow focuses on the clean masonry bricks that have been laid by a brick layer on new construction sites. We prepare a special solution using water ad hydrochloric acid for thorough results. This solution dissolves the cement and makes way for effective cleaning. After eliminating stains with acid solutions, we brush and scrub the brick to wipe out oil, grease, paint and mold stains. On completion of the task, the cleaning inspector administering the job would provide you with a visit report and work report.

We Are Specialists in the Job

When it comes to acid brick cleaning, World Wide Services is a specialist in the job. All the brick cleaners in our team are certified professionals with years of experience in this type of task. We treat our clients in a friendly manner and have patience to clarify all their queries.

It is our friendly behavior, welcoming attitude towards our clients and on-time delivery of projects that have made us a popular service-provider in Australia. We ensure that you enjoy the best services at the most competitive rates.

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Give us a call with all your acid brick cleaning requirements. With our best efforts, we will try to meet your needs and provide you with utmost satisfaction. Have faith in us as we have worked with many of the top builders in Australia who are delighted to have dealt with us.

If you require acid brick cleaning services in Australia, feel free to call us at 0405120062 or write to us on Don't forget with are just a phone call away from you.


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The services on time and i am happy to call them next time, mauyd saaid.


I have contacted two companies to get rid of the mould on the walls and the ceiling at my house but worldwide services quoted cheape and they have done the work efficiency, thank you Worldwide Services.

Mona , ryde

I was desperate to find one cleaning company can do washing my house, carpet cleaning, mould removal other duties for my new house then I have been advanced by my neighbour to call worldwide services and with respond they booked the job and all the work has been done in one day with high standard cleaning, thank you Worldwide Services.

Nabiel from Bonnyrigg Sydney

You are the best in the market, mark smithers, coles property blue mountains NSW