High Pressure Cleaning

Are you tired of trying to remove dirt or grime that simply is not in the mood for disappearing? Come to us, and we will make them run away with our high pressure cleaning in Sydney.

  • Cleaning of exterior surfaces through hot water and advanced tools
  • Debris, dirt, stains, even the ‘mystery grimes’ are done away with
  • Natural procedures used without leveraging excessive chemicals

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How you can get 100% assurance

Be it a domestic or industrial property, we promise to remove even the toughest stains through pressure cleaning. Walls, floors, and corridors- in fact all the areas would be absolutely free from tough grime or dirt.

Friendly price, no compromise on quality

Our high pressure cleaning solutions won’t pressurize you with the price! The rates we offer are extremely customer-friendly and you will simply love the quality offered.

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Give us the details of your high pressure cleaning requirements, and allow us to inspect your premises to understand your needs and the scope of the job. Accordingly we will come up with a quote.

About Worldwide Services

Set up in 2013 by professionals who have worldwide experience in serving customers with sophisticated maintenance and cleaning solutions, Worldwide Services efficiently caters to both commercial and residential requirements.


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Client Testimonials


The services on time and i am happy to call them next time, mauyd saaid.


I have contacted two companies to get rid of the mould on the walls and the ceiling at my house but worldwide services quoted cheape and they have done the work efficiency, thank you Worldwide Services.

Mona , ryde

I was desperate to find one cleaning company can do washing my house, carpet cleaning, mould removal other duties for my new house then I have been advanced by my neighbour to call worldwide services and with respond they booked the job and all the work has been done in one day with high standard cleaning, thank you Worldwide Services.

Nabiel from Bonnyrigg Sydney

You are the best in the market, mark smithers, coles property blue mountains NSW